Jackson Dental Clinic

Your family dentist in Jackson, MS



Oral Evaluation $65

Oral Surgery

Simple ext $120
Surgical ext $175
Wisdom tooth $175


Prophy $120
Including BW X-Rays (all new patients require)$170


Bleaching $300
Shell Gold Crown $350-400
Crown Recement$65

Removable Prosthodontics(dentures/partials)

Economy Denture $425
Deluxe Denture $630
Premium Denture $985
Porcelain Denture $850
Immediate Denture (EXTRA per denture choice) $80
Immediate Premium Denture $1065
Labratory Reline of Denture $220
Economy Partial $425
Cast Chrome Partial $750
Deluxe Cast Chrome Partial $2000
Flexible Partial $850

Denture Repairs

Replace tooth denture $50
Replace tooth Partial without impression $50
Replace tooth partial denture with impression $80
Fix cracked denture $75
Add or replace wire clasp $90
If laser weld retention loop needed to replace
tooth on Cast Chrome partial
$140 plus cost of repair
Add a gold crown to denture or partial $260